Google’s Website would let the Small Business Owners create their Websites

Google’s Website would let the Small Business Owners create their Websites
There is great news for the newcomers in the market who have recently set up their businesses.

There is great news for the newcomers in the market who have recently set up their businesses. Well, if you are also one of those business owners who have just stepped into the most challenging field of ever-changing business world, and you are worried about how to take your business to great heights with full confidence, then Google might be of great help to you!

Google launches its first Website Builder

This is because recently Google has officially launched an efficient single-page website builder designed focusing on the aims and interests of small businesses that would help the young competitors and small business owners to achieve guaranteed progress by enhancing their online presence. The new tool released by Google is simply called “Website”, which promises to allow especially the small business owners to create and edit websites in minutes either on desktops or even on mobile phones without spending even a single penny from their pockets.

Facts given by Google say that almost 60% of small businesses worldwide do not own their own website. Hence, Google is trying to enhance the number of the small business companies owning their own websites with the rollout of its newly launched website builder.

‘Website’ is basically an extension of Google My Business which would actually require you to have a completely filled out GMB listing so as to make use of the website building tool. Google will then automatically extract the information provided by you from your GMB listing in order to create your own business website which can be later customized with the themes, photos, and text chosen and created by you.

How to create your own Website for your Small Business?

If it’s your first time claiming a GMB listing, there is no need to worry because Google will automatically invite you if you want to begin creating an accompanying website.

If you do have a GMB listing already, then all you need to do is directly sign in to Google My Business, and click “Manage location”. Then select ‘Website’ from the menu. Or, you can also start creating your website simply through this landing page.

All you are required to do is to follow the given instructions and if you’re satisfied, you can just proceed and publish the website online. It has been observed that by default, the sites created with Google’s ‘Website’ will generally follow the domain structure: “” However, a custom domain can be easily purchased from the Settings Menu according to your convenience in your account, and then Google will automatically connect your website to the new domain.

After publishing your small business website, you can also easily update your site without any problem. Any updates that are made to your GMB listing would be automatically applied to your business website.

Not too perfect, but ‘Website” is an option that can still help your business have presence online

Although, Google’s ‘Website’ is efficient enough and paves an easy path for the small business owners to create their own websites, it can be observed that Google’s website builder is restricted by design, and lacks many of the features that one can easily find in a more powerful and efficient content management system. It is obviously not the perfect solution, but it’s arguably better to have something than to own no website at all for your business that too when you get to create the website free of cost!

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