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    Brand Strategy

    Sometimes, even the best-elucidated plans can also go awry. And, then the brand managers begin wondering – why strategize?
    This is actually the reason why in the first place, you should look out for the services of a brand management agency. Digit Bazar, as one of the leading branding consultancy firms, offers remarkable services that position your brand in the market with uniqueness and individuality. Essentially, a brand strategy signifies a forecast of market trends, establishment of communication channels with your valued consumers, realignment of the brand attributes as per the consumer needs, customer engagement, and excitement in subtle ways at various expected and unexpected touch points. Most importantly, brand strategy is all about allocating your resources accurately. Our branding experts have the key ability in determining our futuristic customers, the different communication tools, and techniques to utilize, and to ascertain if the brand strategy is effective or there lies a requirement of tweaking as per the market demands.
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    Brand Identity

    In much, the same way a person has a distinctive flair to flaunt, your brand also requires to setup a unique feel among your target segment, by developing a brand identity.
    It’s mainly about putting together the different pieces of a puzzle in a creative way to convey a message clearly and concisely about your offered products and services. Keeping in mind the importance of your brand’s vision, we focus on making your brand assume an idiosyncratic character that remains at the top of every consumer’s mind. At Digit Bazar, our team of creative professionals, conduct a thorough arduous research to conceptualize an idea that contains the key philosophical elements to present your product and service to the market. We help to create a robust brand identity to maintain the consistency in its visual and communication elements that necessitate an enhanced recall value for the brand. It is also significant that the individual approach in the formation of a corporate identity supports the brand in distinguishing itself from other rivals. Setting aside the ‘tried and tested’ formulae, we strive to unearth a novel way of accepting all the challenges that come our way. Not only for start-ups, if there are observations and necessities that a particular existing brand name is not been able to endorse its USP among the consumers, we offer our prolific service to rebuild the brand’s reputation by unifying all its essential components. Undoubtedly, the success or failure of a brand is decided based upon the perception of the consumers. Hence, every trait of a brand matters, be it the look, the touch, the smell or even the taste. Our talent pool blends together, the vital brand pieces such as company’s name and logo, colour palette, stationery materials, letterheads, presence in social media, to narrate your own story, build your corporate identity, an emotionally stirring one, that leaves a lasting impression in the market.
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    Digital Marketing

    We at Digit Bazar participate in building a web of communication through an all-inclusive 360-degree branding mechanism across the digital channels for championing your brand’s cause among the internet users and impressively engaging your existing customers. It’s time for taking a plunge into the ocean of the digital market. For a start-up or an established company with a powerful footprint, the digital media strategy we offer assists you in grabbing the awareness of the active users on the cyberspace. Recounting your brand’s story is vital to your existence. Our myriad branding experts use fascinating options to connect it with a bigger audience through appropriate tactics that focus primarily on increasing ROI. For generating more website traffic, we mix creativity and technical constituents to make an SEO friendly digital website, which tactfully transforms your target consumers into paying consumers. We intensify site engagement and repeat traffic by hooking your customers with the lucidity of our highly communicative and entertaining content and marketing through a search engine. Digital internet marketing through social media is pivotal in broadening the footfall of your company through the extensive usage of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Our customer-oriented approach is not only confined to social media campaigns. We also provide an interesting line-up of internet marketing services like Online PR, Email and affiliate marketing to keep you stay on top among your competitors. By implementing processes to analyse goals and track e-commerce traffic, we set your finances into a favourable platform tailor-made to deliver paramount results. We as an online best digital marketing company help you in achieving your brand’s biggest vision with our team of matchless professionals with amazing thinking prowess. While developing an efficacious brand positioning, our evolution along with our acclaimed clients makes us forge an inseparable partnership.
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    To accomplish the desired business goals and interact with your target audience, a concept like Gamification design, which is purely out-of-the-box needs attention. In order to extract a competitive and an exciting element from within, gamifying simulations will aid in deriving interactions between your stakeholders and staff. We as one of the foremost game design and development companies, offer overall solution and competence for various industries through gamification of the entire process and content, which converts a boring subject into an engrossing interactive material. When it’s a matter of gamification marketing to our service providers, we cater to our users with services ranging between explicit Gamification (the strategies that use game-like software applications, prompting users to gaming) and implicit Gamification (the strategies that use distinct design techniques lacking any sign of gaming). The gamification solutions we create are tailored exclusively for meeting your business intentions. Keeping a watchful eye on the purposeful results, our development and deployment of gamification solutions emerge highly riveting and captivating to a participant’s attention. Our gamification techniques consider your existing technological setup and ensure seamless integration of our solution into your current system architecture. This enables you in minimizing cost overruns that usually arise from issues related to new integration.
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About Digit Bazar IT Solutions (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

We are an innovative, web, mobile apps development & digital marketing agency based out of India with partner office in the US. We always strive to offer the best in creative design and intuitive mobile app development as a company in proper sync with our US partner SEG Universe. With 125+ successful SEO projects delivered we are now recognized as one of the SEO Agencies in India and US. Our clients call us Numero Uno SEO Agency.

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Business Insider and Business Week have covered Digit Bazar for the year 2018 as one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies in LA and One the top 10 Mobile App Design Agencies in Los Angeles for August 2018. INC42 have also covered Digit Bazar for the year 2014 as one of the top 100 emerging start-ups in India. We have come a long way from just a team of 6 people to 55 people with three offices in United States, India and Australia. We have partners in Ahmedabad and London, UK.

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