7 Mistakes To Avoid While Designing And Developing An eCommerce Website

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Designing And Developing An eCommerce Website

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7 Mistakes To Avoid While Designing And Developing An eCommerce Website
We at Digit Bazar, a frontrunning eCommerce website development company in Delhi, have the experience and expertise to make it a success.

 A systematically designed and developed eCommerce website can generate excellent prospects to maximize ROI and improve customer satisfaction. Conversely, a badly maintained website can disappoint visitors and mess up all business expectations.

Here experts from eCommerce design & development companies lay emphasis on avoiding these 7 key mistakes when it comes to creating an eCommerce website.

  1. Low-quality Graphic Design

  • Unattractive website designs can cause a reduction in the number of website visitors.

  • An aesthetically designed and developed website, presented in an appealing manner can entice more visitors and garner more interest.

  • With an increase in the number of visitors thronging your website, the intent to purchase more from the website naturally amplifies.

  1. Small Fonts

  • eCommerce website design and development experts understand that it becomes difficult for website visitors to read content created with tiny fonts.

  • Especially, in a mobile-responsive website, this problem further intensifies with the relatively small screen size of the smartphones.

  • Potential visitors can look through the information by only zooming in on the relevant information.

  • Computer readers also find small fonts problematic as they need added focus to go through the content.

  • Consequently such troubles compel visitors to abandon the website for good.


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  1. Lack of Filter Navigation

  • This aspect is compulsory for any eCommerce website.

  • Filtered navigation allows buyers to look for the product of their choice.

  • This can be carried out by filtering the product in keeping with different criteria such as product range, the name of the brand, type of the product, etc. – things that evoke the interest of the buyers and make the buying process simplified.

  • Choosing a specific product out of gazillion varieties can be quite a tedious job.

  • Filtered navigation thus can come of great help to take the edge off from this problem.

  1. Absence of Search Bar or Advanced Search Bar

  • Undoubtedly, a search bar can proffer a favorable impact on the minds of website users.

  • A website with a search bar draws the attention of visitors as they can seek out for the product by simply typing keywords on the search bar.

  • In particular, according to professionals from top eCommerce development companies, a search comes of great benefit as it empowers the users to effortlessly find the product of their choice even when they aren’t aware of the corresponding product category.

  1. Mandatory Login or Registration

  • In a few eCommerce websites, it’s compulsory for users to have a registration or login setup to make purchases of product/services.

  • This can be annoying and lead to frustration among users every time they pay a visit to the site.

  • With the purpose of making the site more likable and user-friendly, this feature can either be made optional or the option of social networking login can be incorporated for the same reason.

  1. Broken or Missing Kinds of Stuff

  • What more can give rise to an awful user experience and adverse perception than the presence of broken links or missing images on a website?

  • By and large, eCommerce websites call for a plentitude of resources which include information and images of products/services.

  • Therefore the need for eCommerce websites to have numerous links becomes imperative.

  • When users come across broken links or missing images frequently on a website, they’re ticked off.

  • Hence, eCommerce web design & development services help offer pleasing user experience, where there’s an all-important need for online merchants to work with vigilance and avoid mistakes.

  1. Substandard Customer Services information

  • User perception can be affected negatively with the unavailability of customer care number on every page of the website.

  • Every so often customers need crystal clear and reliable information about the online merchant.

  • This is because customers have to part with their confidential credit/debit card information on the website in the course of purchasing products/services.

  • So the importance of the contact information to be mentioned on every web page is paramount.

Wrapping up

If you’ve got the desire and dedication to launch your eCommerce website, we at Digit Bazar, a frontrunning eCommerce website development company in Delhi, have the experience and expertise to make it a success. With our comprehensive eCommerce solutions we’re thoroughly recognized as a top eCommerce design & development company on DesignRush.



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