Artificial Intelligence plays an essential role in modern mobile games

Artificial Intelligence plays an essential role in modern mobile games

Mobile Games
Artificial Intelligence plays an essential role in modern mobile games
In today’s era, Modern Mobile Games rule the hearts of not only gaming fanatics, but also common people in general.

In today’s era, Modern Mobile Games rule the hearts of not only gaming fanatics, but also common people in general. Modern Mobile games are no longer a distraction from work or a twenty to thirty minutes escape from reality into the world of fantasy, it has become an addictive passion for many. The platform in smartphones that supports many AI-based Mobile games has become the top-most interests of the public in general. In such games, artificial intelligence plays an important role and different fields of computer software form the foundation of building up of such Modern Mobile Games.


Artificial Intelligence, commonly abbreviated as AI is basically a broad set of algorithms that generally includes techniques from computer science, computer graphics, robotics, and control theory. Artificial Intelligence uses different techniques and performs the basic function of building up intelligent behavior in video games and mobile games, primarily in non-player characters or NPCs which often stimulate human-like intelligence in them. The changes in the field of gaming have been revolutionized with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has a lot many uses in the field of modern mobile games as well. Let’s have a look:

    1. Controls the Non-Player Characters

Inducing the techniques of Artificial Intelligence in the modern mobile games is basically to stimulate human-like intelligence, understanding, and function observed during the control of Non-Player Characters.

    1. Aids the Non-Player Characters in Pathfinding

Another most common use of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Mobile Games is Pathfinding which can be widely seen in real-time strategy mobile games. This phenomenon of pathfinding also determines how to get a Non-Player Character from one point to another on the map considering the terrains, hurdles while aiming to achieve virtual treasures.

      1. Helps the NPCs in Navigation

Artificial Intelligence used in the mobile games aim to provide the Non-player characters to navigate in the environments and achieve targets by avoiding collision with obstacles and controlling and collaborating their actions.

      1. Enhances efficiency in Combats in mobile games

There are hundreds and thousands of mobile games that contain combats between two Non-player characters and action between shooters. Artificial Intelligence and its techniques enable such combats to turn more adventurous and sometimes excitingly savage which only adds thrill in such mobile games.

        1. Develops ‘the survival instinct’

Artificial Intelligence has introduced advanced features that enable the NPCs to ‘hunt’ for their targets. AI looks for realistic markers, sounds made by the characters or the footprints left behind to bring out the complexities and elements of realism in the modern mobile games. These approaches made by the techniques of Artificial Intelligence lets the player avoid enemies or obstacles.

In mobile games, Artificial Intelligence has also proved out to be beneficial in protecting the players against attacks, obstacles, and enemies, hence ensuring the survival of the players to the maximum time possible.

        1. Performs Player-experience modeling

Artificial Intelligence in the mobile games also identifies the state and ability of the players and hence, balances the difficulty levels in the mobile games even through simple gesture recognition. The artificial intelligence in modern mobile games can even help create and fabricate new terrains, levels, music and interactive stories through its techniques.

        1. Helps the mobile game developers to know about the users and their interests

The artificial intelligence not only benefits the gaming fanatics but the mobile game developers as well. Through data-mining, the mobile game developers can easily figure out the interests of the users, about the parts of the game that keep them stay tuned into the play, and hence they can work upon it.

Hence, artificial intelligence that has been introduced in the gaming world is said to have created a revolution in this field,especially in Modern Mobile Games.

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