Boost your Business Revenues and Customer Base with iPhone Apps

Boost your Business Revenues and Customer Base with iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps
Boost your Business Revenues and Customer Base with iPhone Apps
First came internet and dotcom boom and everybody thought that they had seen the ultimate tool that can be developed for 24×7 advertising and customer contact for a business.


First came internet and dotcom boom and everybody thought that they had seen the ultimate tool that can be developed for 24×7 advertising and customer contact for a business. But these much hyped Static websites proved redundant in comparison to the highly interactive WordPress CRM websites and social media and once again people raised a lot of hoopla about it being the final frontier of a business-customer interface. However, with the advent of smartphones like iPhone and the mobile application technology, it is clear that man will keep on pushing the limits of technology and the way business is transacted and business-customer interaction takes place. iPhone Apps development is another portal that is redefining the way business and customers interact to the best advantage of each other.

iPhone and Mobile applications

iPhone is a smartphone which runs on a dedicated Operating Software developed by Apple inc. It has a big touch-screen user interface, having multi-touch sensing functionality. It is called a smartphone because it can execute advanced computing like computers and has built-in internet connectivity. It comes loaded with huge number of useful features as well as with extendable features. Some of its features include hi-tech multimedia, GPS navigation, Wi-Fi, Mobile payment, web-browsing, social media, gaming, motion sensors, 3rd party iPhone apps etc. It has a high speed processor and large memory size to accommodate storage of large amounts of data and applications.

Mobile application is computer software developed to perform a particular kind of task on a smartphone. These applications are generally distributed by the companies producing smartphones for example iPhone Apps developers can launch an App only after approval from the “App store” managed by Apple Inc. All mobile Apps have a user-interface which guides the application user to choose the service he or she wants to use by navigating through the application.

How can iPhone Apps help business?

Custom iPhone Apps Development is primarily aimed at improving the sales-support for a business by offering iPhone users a business application for their wants and needs. It tantalizes a user with its easy accessibility to a particular service and entices user to satisfy that want using the application available on the smartphone. This service can be anything from buying a flight ticket to selling a property. Some of the reasons why you should hire iPhone App developers are as follows:-


The biggest reason why Applications are developed is to sound a beep on customer’s radar when he or she thinks of satisfying a need. There are multiple ways and brands which a customer can choose to satisfy a need. Your brand might be his or her favorite choice but chances are, if your app is not on the smartphone and your competitor’s is – your loyal customer may end up preferring your competitor over you just because it was more accessible.

Advertising and marketing

iPhone application development is a great advertising and marketing tool. Some Customers may not be very much aware of your brand or services but when they come across your business application, they may explore its features and depending upon how appealing and informative the application is, these curious customers may give your products and services a try which they otherwise would not have. If pleased, they will share the experience with others and thus benefit your business output.


With mobile applications becoming popular, everybody expects a reputable business to launch its mobile app. If they find the business is yet to launch their app, then they develop a negative view about the brand that it is “Johnny-come-lately” in its technological obligations which can adversely affect its brand image. Not just that, a smart business application can substantially enhance the brand image of an already popular brand and benefit because of increased brand loyalty.

Push notifications

A business may want to inform customers about new schemes, new launches, contests etc and a mobile application is a great way to achieve this. It is almost like the SMS alert service by the mobile operators, difference being, it can carry sounds and badges. Push notification is a great way of interacting instantaneously with users and creating an advertising or marketing buzz.

Mobile payments

Mobile applications provide a safe and secure environment for a customer to make payments for products and services online. The benefit for business is that the transaction is completed before the buyer gets any second thoughts because of delay in finding mode of payment.

Saves money

iPhone App development may seem to be an extra expense for a business but actually it saves a lot of funds which would have otherwise been spent on advertising, staffing, marketing and  acquiring real estate. Because Mobile apps have such a huge reach and transactions can be made online, the business can afford to operate with lesser sales staff and business outlets because of automation.

Increased revenue

The iPhone app is an extra revenue source for a business apart from its usual channels of sales and marketing.

Feedback plus Customer service

Mobile Applications are a great way of interacting with customers and getting feedback regarding the perceptions of customers vis-à-vis products and services. In a way it is free market research tool for a business to improve its performance. It is also a great platform to provide fast and effective customer service.

How to choose your iPhone App developer

Choosing the right iPhone App developers is very crucial for your App’s desired success. It is easy to get confused as it is a very technical field and most of us are not well versed with its nitty-gritty’s. So on what criteria can we judge a good developer from a not-so-good one? There are some thumb rules which can be followed to make sure that your developer is really good at what it does.

Research online: Do a little research online and zero-in on few developers who are dealing in your desired platform. Find out the kind of work they have been doing and whether they have developed any app in your business category.

Check the Apps: Go through the Apps developed by the iPhone Application development agency and evaluate the experience. Was it easy to use and did you find anything unique and creative which caught your attention?

Team or individual: Make sure that the developer you hire is backed by a professional team which is expert in various aspects of App development like design, appearance, coding, testing etc. Avoid agencies where one person is doing multiple tasks.

Relevancy: Try to judge the app developer’s work by observing the relevancy factor introduced in the applications. The application should have unique content and extra features and usability than available on websites or social media accounts of the business.

Minimum clicks: See how easily the developer’s apps take you around the application. More the clicks and taps, the poorer will be the usage experience. Your developer should be one who uses minimum clicks so that the user is not irked enough to leave the application halfway through.

Design and appearance: The designs and appearance should be simple yet highly appealing. Colors should be eye pleasing and soothing and not eye-piercing or too flashy.

Local culture: Even though we are living in globalized era, yet each country and region has a specific culture and the more an App associates itself with a local culture, the better are the chances of its success.

Customization: Your software developer should create an App which has many customization options. Same looking applications can cause loss of interest in user. From design to colors, sounds, fonts, pictures and privacy settings, the more the options of customization, the richer will be the user experience.

Hire locally: If possible, hire locally. Developers from other regions of the world may not know the technological mindset and preferences of the end users and this may create a product which does not find easy resonance. Local developers understand your business as well as the users better than outsiders can.

Timely delivery: Your developer should be somebody who can assure you a timely delivery.

Warranty: Go for a developer who can warranty you that if at any stage the software develops a bug they will provide their technical solutions for it at no extra cost.

Mobile applications – A necessity not a fad

iPhone App development has become a business necessity and are no more a mere fad. iPhones are backed by a huge global brand and it is not going anywhere in a hurry. With millions of users already and tens of thousands of new users joining the platform every day, business applications on iPhone platform is a smart move for every big or small business. Commercial activities are becoming customer centric at a huge pace and the customer wants to be pampered and taken very seriously. Mobile applications is the best way a customer can be given a very easy, safe, fast and satisfying buying experience. Carefully choose the best iPhone Apps developer based upon the checklist provided and give your business a Mobile App boost!


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