Digital media and game development

Digital media and game development

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Digital media and game development
Digital Marketing and Game development is a deadly combination for the future of the game. With the advent of Android, smart phones have seen a different height and have been creating enough space for large user base.

Digital Marketing and Game development is a deadly combination for the future of the game. With the advent of Android, smart phones have seen a different height and have been creating enough space for large user base. These users are now so accustomed to getting new apps and games every other day that they want refreshing apps and innovative games. That has also accelerated the pressure on game development companies to come up with something unique. But the problem the agencies face is ‘Idea Generation’.  They are unable to create new ideas to give the world something new. We would like to explore why these companies are facing tough times to gain ground.

Lack Of Innovative Ideas

All the companies across the globe want to make quick money from their apps or games and for that they depend on available source codes, we have done the same thing initially, to give a fuller look to their portfolio. They can showcase those to their clients as achievements. That’s a good move, but stops you from applying brain and your brain only works for creating unique environment for the game. They do not try to create a brand new game for the world, the iOS and Android community, to explore and enjoy. Temple Run helped create thousands of similar games and some of them have seen millions of downloads as well. But that does not happen to all the duplicate games with new environment.

Team of Freelancers

The other issue that the development companies are facing, referring to Indian companies, is the lack of good developers. They announce Game Developer Vacancy on various free and paid portals, but the Resumes and CVs they receive do not show the capability they are looking for. Finally, they have to resort to the best out of the poorly skilled candidates. There is a trend here in India among the developers that they know that they will get 30% hike once they leave their company and this tendency has helped them get 45000 salary/month in just 3 years. Though they do not carry the skills which they should have in three years. The HR system is also pathetic here in IT companies (referring to mid-size and small size companies) that they do not know what to ask the applying candidates regarding their profile. And the candidates know that they are going to a new company which do not have prior experience in this domain. The end of the story is, pathetic results before you understand that it was a wrong hiring.

There are a lot of companies that depend on freelancers and as they provide services at a very cheap rate, companies make good profits. But it is not necessary that you will get a good connection. In most of the cases, you will see mediocre developers who require designers help. As both these guys work from home, they lack coordination and the project take a lot of time. They can only contribute 4 hours a day.

Why Should A Game Development Company Should Have an In-House team of Digital Marketing?

Suppose, we create a great game and that is published on both Android and iOS platforms, but we see the game is getting two or three downloads a day. What should we do now? We need to contact a company that can promote our game on various portals and help get more downloads. But how would we have the confidence that the hired company can be worth the money spent? This is the toughest question. Hence, the best answer is to have a little investment in-house and see the change. They can help you become a brand in your niche category and get more downloads for the game. As you start getting the game popular, you will start making money. Once you have 4-5 games getting good number of downloads every day, you will get the better ROI. If you are an iOS Game Development Company or Android Game Development Company in any part of the world, you need to know the basics of optimizing your game, so that it reaches the users with the keywords they search with. There is always an advantage if you have both the Digital Marketing team and Game Development Team.

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