How Google Can Impact Your SEO Efforts

How Google Can Impact Your SEO Efforts

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How Google Can Impact Your SEO Efforts
Search Engine Optimization is a very broad term and is difficult to give a definitive statement.

Search Engine Optimization is a very broad term and is difficult to give a definitive statement. But if someone insists in my opinion SEO is a complex and complicated method to help businesses stake their presence online. The world of SEO is a shifting iceberg that is ever-changing and one would have to navigate carefully and not depend upon old charts.

So what one can do?

Keep up with the latest trend and it not only applies to digital marketing agencies but also the business owners because information is power and the right information helps you make the right decision. The fact is SEO is all about choosing what is right for you because the strategy for each business type differs and at the end of the day what matters is your understanding so it is important to keep yourself motivated by reading journals and eye to look for latest trends and information.

Google is a verb

Seldom a company’s name becomes a verb and Google has managed to achieve that. When we are searching for something online we call it goggling which is now part of our English lexicon. So from that, one must understand the importance and impact Google can have on your business because this company is on the cutting edge of innovation.

The original name for Google was ‘Backrub…

Google was the first company to come with an algorithm to rank pages based on backlinks. Backlinks are very important and one can call it the backbone for the ranking of webpages and is still widely practiced today. It’s more complicated but for a generic understanding backlinks are one of the best ways you can improve your SERP rankings and to do that one must obtain quality, relevant backlinks.

How to create backlinks?

The best way to create backlinks is by writing and curating original contents that will attract powerful backlinks and when that happens a page with a lot of backlinks ranks higher on all major search engines, including Google. To keep track one your backlinks one can use backlink checker.

Google offers free analytics so you Don’t Have To

When you have the right data you can move mountains because you know exactly what you are doing and the consequences of your actions. That is why it is prudent to take advantage of all the analysis Google offers and it is free. Using this date you can find out how visitors are interacting with your site. There is a lot of material on how to use Google Analytics and it is not that hard to understand and this way you can improve engagement, click-throughs, and decrease bounce rate. If you want to understand better how your website is faring spend time with it.

There is the lot more to talk about but I think if you manage to digest this much information it will do you and your business the world of good.

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