Do not Publish Content Just for the Sake of it

Do not Publish Content Just for the Sake of it

Do not Publish Content Just for the Sake of it
Content Writing: Substance is Required.

Content Writing: Substance is Required.

Now, this is a known fact that the more content you have, the better your visibility gets which is true. However, sometimes content is published just for the sake of publishing something on the internet. Content writing requires a bit of research and intent to satisfy readers. It has become a norm to write drivels on the internet which is quite counterproductive and here is why.

      • Writing content without substance only degrades your web standing

      • Content writing with no quality is immediately relegated to the abyss of the internet

      • The person who publishes the content also ends up spoiling their name

      • No one will take you seriously

      • Quality always triumphs over quantity when it comes to content


We all have some knowledge and no one can claim to be an expert, but if you are writing something then own it and do not just write anything which has already been written. The best way to beat the competition is to keep a close eye on the market and write about any impending change like Google’s transition towards supporting websites which are more mobile friendly.

Content is king but when lack of substantial stuff is promoted then the credibility takes a hit. If anyone tells you to write more content and it will create more reach for you then they are wrong. It is important to publish content which you believe in and even if you are writing only one content a week, make it a good one.

Content Writing needs substance!

Everyone talks about getting the content piece viral, but no one toils hard to achieve it. If you have no time to research more and get good topics, the best way is to target few good writers and some blog networks who publish good content constantly. And then see how many articles have gone viral, obviously not all gets to the mass. We will pick the one that works for all. We will get one or two main points and start writing on them. This way, the already tested article will be ready to go viral.

Content Does Not Go Viral on its Own.

We need to market it initially by submitting it blog submission sites, by commenting on similar articles and showing our expertise by guest blogging for others. All this activity will give the article an initial kick. And once there are a few hundreds views, it is bound to go viral to a niche category. Content writing is an art!

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