Surprising statics in digital marketing

Surprising statics in digital marketing

digital marketing
Surprising statics in digital marketing
Explore the article and find some of the interesting findings in the field of digital marketing.

There is quite interesting news about email marketing, Instagram, Black Friday and more. Tighten your seat belt to go through the fascinating facts about digital marketing. They are discussed as below:

  • Videos on Instagram creates 21 percent more customer engagement as compared to images- It has been discussed in an Instagram 2018 study that around 8.9 million posts and 44,432 profiles between the time duration of 1st January and 20th September 2018 have shown 21 percent more customer engagement in video when compared to images. This study also demonstrated that 31 percent of Instagram posts have more than 300 characters. Also, around 36 percent of profiles use one or three emojis per post.


  • Online retailers give discounts by a third on the Black Friday- The facts from IMRG Capgemini e- retail sales index have shown that sales growth in online retail was recorded the second lowest. It was recorded that there was only 8.5 percent growth in October. The sales of mobile phones were quite down, increased only 17.2 percent as compared to 53 percent of last year. IMRG told that this is a difficult period that can be measured through discounting level on retail websites. Moreover, in 3rd quarter, overall sales came from product categories that were in promotional sales and offer. With the Black Friday, it will be exciting to see whether customer’s focus is captured by promotional offers.


  • John Lewis showed an increased social boost with Twitter ad- Twitter’s Christmas advertisement has been reported as the best advert of this year and John Lewis is the person who is seeking its benefits. As per the data of the Socialbakers, John Lewis has experienced a huge increase in Twitter followers after the advertisement was aired. He gained more than 6,600 followers in a single day and the major proportion of followers, 10,000 were gained in the festive period. His tweet gained around 38,000 interactions in just a single day. Also, it gained 388,000 interactions in four days.


  • 77 percent of email users check their mail when they get bored- New research by Email study has studied that brands could waste their time in overthinking that how their email marketing campaign is received. As per the report, 400 US customers were surveyed and it was found that there is not any fixed pattern that can state that when the majority of people check their mail. 77 percent said that they check it while they get bored, 60 percent said that they check at the time of waking up. Also, 72 percent said that they do the same while watching TV and 50 percent do in the bathroom.


  • More than 50 percent of Black Friday shoppers have done the shopping prior to the event- Yes, you heard it right!! In a survey of 500 UK shoppers, it was found that 55 percent grabbed the offer before the event only.


Hence, these are some of the interesting findings in the field of digital marketing.

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