What is semantic SEO and its impact in digital marketing

What is semantic SEO and its impact in digital marketing

What is semantic SEO and its impact in digital marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that every business owner knows these days.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that every business owner knows these days. Everyone has the basic idea of what SEO does and its impact on business. However, a lot of people think SEO is a technical process and it is to some level but the execution is all human and that is where semantic SEO comes into action.

What is semantic SEO?

Semantic search is the method where the human element i.e. instinct, experience, and situational awareness plays the important role. In short, it makes the whole process of search engines, using artificial intelligence more human and what the searcher means by their words. When we use keywords into Google’s search engine, results that we get are based solely on those keywords, but with semantic search, the results are designed to deliver more accurate results.

Those who have been in digital marketing for some time now are using semantic search and that has led to the replacement of search algorithms, thus giving it a more human approach and understanding within the major search engines. When you get a more defined meaning, it becomes easier for computers and humans to interact more cohesively.

How people used keywords have changed now

Often clients would complain that the keywords that they had painstakingly researched are not visible in ranking but the fact is people have evolved and since everyone has their way of searching things online they are more likely to use what is easy for them. For e.g. there was a time when someone would do a search “shops that sell second-hand books in New York” but now it is “where to find the best second-hand book store in New York”. Things and needs of people are more specific and the way people search has changed, so it was natural for Google to act accordingly.

There was a time when keyword phrases that were used, gave vast results, but with the semantic method it on the dot because Google wants displayed search result accurate. So to keep up Google likes to keep up with the changes and it’s up to the professionals to keep up with change and plan strategy accordingly.

Content are no longer keyword specific

There was a time when published content was full of the keyword or keyword phrases but now people who are in charge of the website need to understand the meaning behind those keywords and keyword phrases and content has to be curated specifically around them and that creates a strong emphasis on keyword research which is only possible with quality content.

In the past SEO was more focused more on the keyword, but semantic search has made the process more natural that suits the vast majority of people who use search engines Since the user has changed the way search was done it became important to give more attention to the users intent, so it was only natural Google modified accordingly. So now it is necessary to create content that is specific and clear, and those who are doing it are easily being searched on the internet.

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