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Online Reputation Management

Internet Reputation Management Agency

We Make Search Engines sing Carols of your Internet Reputation.

No matter how good your business, its products and services are, but if search engines do not present a very hunky dory picture of your image, then it is about time you decided on hiring an Online Reputation Management Company. An ORM Company scans the internet for all the information related to your brand and removes negative information bolstering positive reviews. At Digit Bazar, we have years of experience in ORM and we rate it as one of the most crucial components of digital marketing.


Risk factors that can hamper your Online Reputation

  • Jealous competitors
  • Disgruntled ex-employee(s)
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Misinformed users
  • Other digital marketing companies

Internet Reputation Agency:

You may have to contact or consult Internet Reputation Management Company for many reasons. An amalgamation of above-mentioned factors can cause the internet to paint a grim picture of your brand which can affect your earning potential drastically. With the internet being a free resource, it is very easy for competitors to splash negative publicity against you all over the relevant corners of cyber space. If an ex-employee of yours wants to get back at you, internet posts are an easy anonymous way to do that and escape legal action. Sometimes unsatisfied customers can take their ire out on you by posting remarks against you or a misinformed user can post a comment that does not auger well for your brand.

Lastly, it is also possible that a rival online marketing company is playing dirty and improving their client’s prospects by showing you in a poor light. At Digit Bazar, we move strongly and aggressively to the fine-toothcomb internet for any negative comments against your brand and remove them and also post positive comments to improve your online reputation.

Effective ORM Process

  • Regular Monitoring
  • Spotting errant sources
  • Challenging negative commentators
  • Removing negative information
  • Clearing doubts and giving right information
  • Posting positive reviews

At Online Reputation Company, we thoroughly scan internet resources like Social media, business review sites, blogs, articles and forums to spot sources of unfavorable and negative comments about your Reputation Management Companybusiness. We engage with the website to request them to remove wrong comments by presenting factual information. For adamant websites or individuals, there is the instrument of legal action to coerce them into obliging. We at Digit Bazar also respond to negative commentators by pointing out their wrong perception and posting the factually correct information to make them retract their comments. We counter negative campaigns by launching our own positive campaigns backed with convincing data and figures to mould user opinion in the positive direction.


Why choose us for your Reputation Management?

  • We sniff out every little negative comment on internet.
  • We take immediate steps to remove negative material.
  • We take pro-active measures like SMO to improve brand image.
  • We post extremely convincing counters to bad publicity.
  • We save you high advertising & marketing costs.

Internet Reputation Management Pricing:

We have a flat cost for Internet Reputation Management for one link. For multiple link it may vary which we discuss and finalize with clients. But, the flat pricing for Internet Reputation Management is $ 999 per month. The campaign last from 2 -4 months depending on the links and its DA and PA plus traffic to the page.

We help create quality web content for better branding. Contact us now for a better branding and pushing any negative link published against your brand to page three and four. We are some of the best Online Reputation Management ORM companies serving in US, UK, Australia and India.

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