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Book Layout Designing Services

A Good Layout Design is critical for Success of your Book!

A book sells most for its content and author’s reputation. But a great cover design and layout design are no less important in its longtime success. Poorly designed layout can hamper the reading flow and result in poor reading experience and bad sales. Most of the books are purchased by avid readers who have an eye for an average or poor layout. In other words, they are ‘addicted’ to highly smart layout designs and anything which is not up to the mark will get thumbs down from them. Critics too will write it off which will prove fatal for book’s success. At Digit Bazar, we have years of experience in professional layout designing and typesetting and we can deliver you designs that are most reader-friendly as well as unique and creative.

Book genres covered by our Layout designs

  • Children’re books
  • Portfolios
  • Comics & Story books
  • Coffee table books & Novels
  • Magazines
  • Biographies
  • Photo magazines
  • Year book
  • Scrap Book layout
  • Art Book layout
  • Guest Book layout

Our Book Layout designing process At Digit Bazar

At Digit Bazar, we have more than 10 years (Collectively) of experience in book layout designing. We use best possible DTP and book layout software like Adobe InDesign to take your book draft and transform it into a beautifully and attractively designed book that will be greeted well by the readers and the critics.

First step: Our layout designing process starts by asking the publisher or the author about their idea of how they want the layout to be. Next our typesetting experts will propose the best possible layout design to present the content as per the book’s genre. The proposal will include details of fonts, paragraph styles, page breaking, graphics insertion, highlighting technique, readability technique etc.

Second step: Once the discussed layout design is finalized with the typesetting experts, we would like to receive the final content manuscript after proofreading. Our typesetters will then begin the process of typesetting.

Third step: Typesetting involves setting all the pages as per the decided fonts and layouts which include the title page, copyrights page, indexes, images, illustrations etc. Again the copy of the typeset manuscript is sent for approval. All the typesetting is done adhering to the ISO standards.

Fourth step: Lastly, after receiving the minor corrections and adjusting them, we will upload the manuscript with final book layout design as per the technical specifications desired by the publisher.

Why Choose Digit Bazar for Book Layout Design Service

  • Highly professional team of designers, illustrators, layout designers and typesetters
  • Strictly adhere to standard work procedures and ISO quality
  • Ensure 100% error-free layout designing
  • Familiar with layout designing of all book genres
  • We can handle large scale bulk orders
  • We have a very fast TAT
  • We offer services at very affordable rates.

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