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Flyer Designing Services

Sometimes Flyers can do what TV commercials cannot!

One of the most cost-effective offline methods of business promotion or event promotion in terms of quantity and brand awareness is to do it with flyers. A flyer, pamphlet or a leaflet is a kind of paper promotion meant for widespread distribution, usually at some public place for maximum awareness. It is a beautifully designed draft that highlights a product launch or an event. It is a very effective medium for direct marketing and brand awareness. The Flyer’s design needs to be done very professionally so that it creates a strong urge of call-to-action in the minds of the reader.

Why use Flyers

  • Cost advertising and marketing
  • To target local market
  • To create a buzz around your brand
  • To launch a new product or event

What makes a killer Flyer

Simply speaking, a good business or promotional flyer is one that manages to make the reader pocket it after receiving it and cursorily going through it. If the reader refuses discards the flyer without fully reading it, then the whole purpose of a campaign is lost. Therefore certain ‘attention grabbing’ features have to be added in a flyer design to compel the readers to fully go through it.

Catchy Headline

The first thing that tells the onlookers what the Flyer is all about is through the headline. So the Headline needs to be very catchy and impressive and one that invokes irresistible curiosity in the mind. The headline should not be very long and at the most 5 to 7 words.


They say that pictures speak a thousand words. They really do! So the flyer should have very unique and attractive pictures which complement the text copy. Humans should be a significant part of the picture as it is observed that we are more attracted to pictures that have humans in them.

Provide answers

The moment somebody reads a flyer, certain queries are bound to come to reader’s mind. A flyer must have all the relevant answers in the form of who, what, where, how, when, why etc.

Offer incentives

We humans are inherently greedy. A flyer must offer the certain incentive for the reader to agree to get in touch with the business. This incentive can be in a form of a coupon, a free gift or an exclusive offer for flyer receivers only.

Contact information

A flyer cannot be loaded with all the information but it must have the vital contact info. If the flyer expects readers to go to local stores, then all the stores and their addresses must be mentioned. If the business wants readers to contact them directly then proper phone numbers and email IDs must be mentioned.

Why to choose us for your Flyer designing

  • Highly creative graphic designers
  • Extremely witty copywriters
  • We create Flyer designs from scratch. No template designs
  • Capable of producing large volumes in quick time
  • Absolutely unmatchable and flawless printing quality in rich colors
  • Affordable rates
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery

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