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HTML5 Development Services

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HTML5 Development Services

HTML5 is a futuristic technology for dynamic web development and Mobile app development

HTML5 web technology benefits businesses by making possible designing and web/mobile applications development of highly dynamic and responsive website. It is the fifth revision of the web’s HTML language developed by W3C and WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group). It is preferred by developers and web designers because it combines CSS and JavaScript to build simple but highly dynamic, intuitive, and responsive browser-friendly and device friendly web Pages. HTML5 is also proving extremely dynamic in providing solutions for mobile application development. Mobile applications developed with HTML5 are more responsive to screens and Operating Systems of different devices, are loaded with user-friendly features and enhance their usability.

HTML5 is loaded with features to make websites and applications more user-friendly and browser friendly.

  • Rich Audio/video integration and embedding
  • Functionality-rich and user-friendly website development
  • Interactive aspects
  • Impressive graphic presentation
  • Tremendous web application development potential

Built-in Multimedia feature

Modern websites include a lot of multimedia aspects like animation, videos, music as well as also provide for seamless integration of features like social network sites like Facebook, Twitter etc on the website. HTML5 has built-in features to support such multimedia aspects both online as well as offline

Cleaner markup and coding

HTML 5 enables web designers to use a cleaner code for web and app development. It allows removal of div tags and replaces them with semantic HTML 5 elements.

Better Semantics

With HTML5, it is easy to spot which parts of the page are headers, footers, aside, etc because the tags specify the details. The semantic value of the web page increases by using HTML5 as the codes are extremely standardized.

Helps web Applications

Many new features and standards of HTML5 make it possible for developers to take advantage of their availability and design applications accordingly which automatically exploit these functionalities.

Offline Cache

HTML5 allows developers to specify the files that should go to the browser cache. This feature allows limited offline browsing and viewing previously opened pages. It also speeds up the files downloading process and JavaScript codes download and reduces a load on the server.

Geolocation Identification

HTML5’s geolocation APIs help HTML5-compatible browser-specific applications to locate the geographic location of a HTML5 web page or applications.

Our services include:

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  • Team of ace certified and experienced HTML5 developers
  • Expert in exploiting all the beneficial features of HTML5
  • Successfully deployed many HTML5 web/app projects
  • Completely customized HTML5 web and Mobile app development
  • 24×7 maintenance service

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