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Website Maintenance & Support

Website Maintenance is critical for optimum website performance

All websites are prone to issues of operational integrity which can make them give less than optimum performance. In today’s 24×7 online business scenario, any glitch in your website can cause you revenue loss or strategic disadvantage. Therefore, just like your PC or your car, even your website needs to be maintained continuously against content and software aspects and updated frequently to keep it relevant, user-friendly and to make sure it is delivering 100% profitability to the business. Here are some of the reasons that necessitate the need for website maintenance:

Good reasons why you must opt for Website Maintenance

  • Customer interest: Users return to a website if only their last experience was rich and rewarding. If some content is outdated, links are not working or navigation is complex then the customer is bound to explore alternative options.
  • E-commerce websites: Any downtime of yourEcommerce websites can cause a lot of revenue loss. Also, all third party integrations must perform seamlessly.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Search engines downrate websites with old data and poor inbound or outbound links. With constant content update and well-performing links, your website’s Pagerank will constantly maintain higher ranks.
  • Safety issues: Your website also needs to be maintained to make it safe and secure against unwarranted software attacks.
  • Backup data: It is your web host service provider’s responsibility to keep your website data backed up. But in case they have an old version of your site in their stored data, you can lose your critical data to any site takedowns or hacks.

Activities covered by our Website Maintenance package

  • Copy production
  • Quality control
  • Content creating/editing/publishing
  • Feedback monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Risk maintenance
  • General Maintenance

Why choose our Website Maintenance Services

  • We are Proactive: Some updates are of critical nature, for example, security updates or version updates and these cannot be queued for later action. We take proactive action and make necessary updates immediately by keeping you in a loop.
  • Unmatchable Expertise: Our web maintenance staff is technically very sound and we constantly impart the latest training to keep them absolutely updated on every technical issue.
  • SEO: We remove clusters and technical anomalies of your website and make it search engine friendly.
  • Add functionalities: We can add functionalities to your website like payment gateways, blogs etc as and when required.
  • Accountable: When we undertake your website maintenance, we offer accountability as part of the deal. But we are 100% sure, we will never give any reason to be held accountable for
  • Fast TAT:Our turnaround is fastest in an industry and usually we complete the task on the same working day.
  • Accessible:We are accessible 24×7 on a phone, Skype or email to respond to your requests.

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At Digit Bazar we make sure you get the best of our expertise. We provide services in UK, London, US, Los Angeles, San Francisco, India, Delhi, Australia, Sydney, Dubai, UAE, Singapore, New York, NYC, California, LA, Ohio, Chicago, Denver, Bangalore and Nevada, basically across the globe.

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